One-To-One Coaching

This is a personalized transformative experience. And, although your journey will be unique, there are some checkpoints that you can expect to reach along the way in greater depths in your own time during and after our work together. They are:

Having Solid Ground to Stand On – Truth
Understanding what’s true for all humans is a grand equalizer and will fundamentally change the way you see yourself, your life, and the world around you.

Increased Self-Awareness
As you become more aware of the connection between your thoughts and feelings, habitual thinking patterns will be interrupted and you’ll experience more freedom of choice.

Understanding The Body’s Role
Following your own inner wisdom will become easier as you see for yourself the fundamental role your body plays in creation and the experiencing of it. You’ll also see it’s loyal adaptability to your choices without dreaded diets or exercise.

Self-Trust, Clarity, And Decision-Making Made Easy
Discerning facts from fiction will bring clarity, calm the mind, and enable you to make decisions for yourself and your body aligned with your true nature.

Increased Resilience and Well-Being
Your ability to navigate everyday life with greater ease and bounce back more quickly from setbacks and challenges will rise.

Harmonious Relationships At Last
When you see see the great equalizer and that everyone is always doing the best they can with what makes sense to them in the moment, you will become more compassionate and understanding and conflict will lessen.

Creating In Your Life
As you get a feel for creating as guided by the wisdom of your true nature, you’ll notice the ease of it and find many more favorable possibilities coming your way and will feel more alive and satisfied overall.

Accepting Your Humanness
The nature of being human is that you forget the Truth from time to time and slip back into habitual thinking and believe that you’re right back to square one. You aren’t, even though your personal mind will do its darndest to convince you of it.

You can’t unsee Truth once you’ve seen it. You can trust yourself. Follow your inner wisdom. It’s guiding you in real time, 24/7.

You’ll see.

Your willingness to see the truth and play in the wonder of what’s possible will positively impact your results.

“Before I was so tense and now I’m taking each moment as it comes. Around other people and with myself, I feel more confident, calmer, more fun and free, not worrying as much about what everybody thinks or what’s going to happen.

Michaela drew pictures to demonstrate what I was saying. The visual was very helpful to make it clear. She was always there for me, guiding me, helping me, reminding me with love and respect.”

~ Gayle Gervais Deck, Okotoks, AB ~

How Much And How It Works

Whether you appreciate a jump start, a fast-paced shorter exploration, a slow and steady longer journey, or a combination of these or something else, if we’re a good fit, I’m confident we can tailor an experience to meet your needs and suit your preferences.

✔ Your 60-75 minute sessions will be conducted via Zoom

✔ You will be offered results-enhancing mindful missions, thought experiments, and creative endeavours to support your journey. Your participation in them is your choice.

✔ You may include Intuitive Energy Healing for its wholistic benefits

✔ Your program will include virtually unlimited text access to me via the Telegram app during business hours (Mountain Time Zone)

✔ Your investment will depend on inclusions, pace, and duration (1-12 months) and will range from +/- $200-$6,000 CAD. Payment plans are available.

If this is feeling good for you so far and you’re ready for a change in your life, let’s start with a call. We’ll discuss what you’d like to experience differently in your life, get to know each other a bit more, and see if we’re a good fit. We’ll decide on a next step from there. This is a no-pressure-no-hurry zone.

Click the button below to access my schedule and book a 60-minute Clarity Call. If you’ve difficulty finding a suitable time, please message me on Telegram and we’ll work it out.

“The best aspect about this type of coaching program was its simplicity. There was nothing to learn, no tools to apply. Just be present/grounded in the simple truth of who you really are & that you are living in the experience of your thoughts.”

~ Fahmida Sayeed ~