Your Body,
And Moods Do Not
Need Fixing So That ___.

What if you could skip the fixin' and jump straight to the ___ (good stuff)?

That’s exactly what I help you do: spend more time livin' than fixin'.

“I’ve been receiving sessions from Michaela since 2014. Her perceptive questions and intuitive channeling always point me right to the heart of the matter on issues I’ve been grappling with for a long time. The clarity I get allows me to make better choices and move forward to realize more of my potential. After a session with Michaela, I also notice profound shifts in my perspective, more presence, and ease with being my natural self in day to day life. Michaela’s curiosity, open-mindedness and passion for exploring consciousness make it a joy to work with her.”

~ Benita ~

Getting a feel...

…for how your mind works and an understanding of how you create your experiences will shed a lot of weighty thinking from your mind about these and other circumstances of your life and jump you to experience the good stuff now, not after you spend another X number of years trying to manipulate and fix what ain’t broke. 

And, your body, well, it’s not you but its changeable nature responds and adapts to your focus. It’s your ride and indicator of when you’re focusing on or allowing the wisdom of your true nature to flow through and be expressed by you (good feeling) and when you’re resisting it (not-so-good feeling). 

You can't escape being human but you can have a more satisfying experience of it.

“Some changes I’ve noticed is I’m able to regulate my emotions better, reign in my thoughts
better when they threaten to run out of control, and allow others to just be on their own journey.

I love when Michaela took me through a visualization. A lot of breakthrough happened in that extended
moment and I’ll never forget it. That’s the moment everything she taught me became real and solid inside my mindset.

~ Crystal Bantel ~
Your Tech Fairy

Website/Online Course Designer & Certified Business Coach, Winnipeg, MB Canada

If your good stuff includes:

  • Thinking less about yourself, your body, diet, exercise, and age, and getting on with living your life

  • Feeling good no matter the image in the mirror, number on the scale, or letter on your clothes

  • Happying-up your relationships with more compassion, understanding, and harmony – less conflict and resentment

  • Knowing how to discern what you truly want and how to create it with ease

  • Trusting yourself, and feeling confident anytime, anywhere – no more second-guessing

  • Feeling more Zen and capable more of the time, even in the face of adverse circumstances

  • Having more fun and adventure

…then you're in the right place


May I Come Into Your Inbox?

I’ll do my best to keep it real, point you to Truth and your own Wisdom,
and inspire you to live more effortlessly, creatively, and expressively.

Hey, I'm Michaela


I catalyze your own inner immunity to insecure, fearful, and limited thinking.

I used to think there was something wrong with me. 

I muddled through years of eating disorders, substance abuse, busy-mindedness that left a wake of undone projects, and other challenges of having a highly sensitive nature. 

I searched high and low and tried all kinds of things to fix, avoid, or camouflage all my body, relationship, anxiety, and depression problems so that I could be normal, happier more of the time.

Then I learned how the mind works through a simple psychological and spiritual understanding articulated as the Three Principles by a Scottish welder named Sydney Banks, after he had a particularly potent insight.

I came to know the implications of being a spiritual being in a body. Now that I know how it works, so many problems just don’t look or feel like problems anymore.

There’s less conflict and way more ease and flow in all my relationships, including that with my body. I think less about things I thought about most of the time and I just kinda feel more alive. And spacious. And new and cool opportunities and experiences are appearing without me efforting to make them happen. 

Today, I run private and group programs to guide sensitive humans to see for themselves the Truth of how their mind works and the implications of it on their bodies, relationships, and creating their life experiences. I point them to their own true nature, help them to know it, to create cool things, and help them to live by its nudges to more easily navigate and delight in their everyday life.