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I spark insightful conversations and reflections.

Since catching on to the simple workings of the mind, I now know that the goal isn’t to have better thoughts or to think positively or to stay hyper-focused on the things I want so that I can get, achieve, or attract them. It’s to see for myself how I’m lived and guided by infinitely creative Universal intelligence – my true nature, and to notice when I get caught up in my thinking, period. All the good stuff happens automatically when I let it.

And the body is the perfect indicator of all that, a trusted advisor. It immediately notifies me with a feeling when I’m following my true nature wisdom (feels good) or resisting it (feels not so good). It makes every moment a gentle choice point.

When I came to know that I’m only in relationship with my own thinking about anything in my life including my body, partner, kids, home, and work, there was suddenly more ease, compassion, understanding, confidence, and fun infused into my experience of them. They became something to enjoy rather than fix or change so that ___.

This is available for you too.

I help people trust and think less about themselves and their bodies, and free up their time, energy, and money by spending it not on trying to fix anything in dreaded ways but to satisfy their interests, passions, and unique sense of adventure. The bodies follow and become fit for the purpose they give them, as they have always done.

This is a process and I continue to explore what it means to live intuitively for sustainable life satisfaction all around. Join me if you’re done with short-lived quick fixes and will-powered strategies and are ready to start living the life you’ve always desired.

Along with years of energy healing work and mentor-coaching, I bring curiosity and a sense of fun and adventure to my work and allow my inner wisdom to guide you to yours and discover for yourself what’s possible and waiting for you to experience. 

I’m farm-grown in Saskatchewan and now serve my clients online from my home in Alberta, Canada where I live with my husband, two kids, dog, and cat.

The Three Principles are One Simultaneous and Continuous Phenomenon:

Thought – we think and create things with our thoughts

Consciousness – we are aware and feel our thinking through the senses of the body

Mind – we are lived and guided moment-to-moment by infinite Universal intelligence

I'm Michaela, Sleuth for Truth

Catalyzing you to get more out of yourself and your life than you ever dreamed possible and
guiding you in discerning truth from story is kinda my jam. My pronouns are she/her/hers.

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A bit more about me…

When I’m not playing at work, you might find me playing in nature through a variety of outdoor activities, at the movies, or cradled by the Universe in a hammock reading, learning, pondering, or napping.