I Believe…

You’re the expert of your own life and it’s my job to help you see you can trust yourSelf.

My Approach

Each of the programs I offer will explore who you are, how your mind works, and the implications of that in everyday life. Together, we’ll go on a journey getting a feel for your perspectives, getting clear on what you truly want to experience in life, and eliminating conflict that has been in the way of its creation up until now.

Although your experience will be unique, you can expect to have positive breakthroughs in the way you see and relate to yourself, your body, people, circumstances, and your ability to create what you truly desire. 

You’ll have a quieter, less anxious mind more of the time and find yourself responding to life in ways that may surprise and delight you and others. And it will feel good, effortless, and spark more curiosity and wonder.

Your true nature is reliable and you can lean into it right now to determine your next step. If it’s further with me, I’ve a few options, one or more of which may check your commitment level, time, energy, financial, and mode of delivery boxes. Just follow what feels good.

About What’s Offered

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“I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with all aspects of my life: work, personal responsibilities, relationships with
others and primarily my relationship with myself. I felt stuck and burnt out. I did not know how to get back on my feet.

Michaela taught me the importance of focusing on change and growth within myself and has showed me how those changes dramatically and positively influence all other aspects in life. I am happier, more satisfied, more mindful, and kinder to myself. I still have stresses, but the way I approach and handle my stress is so much healthier and more manageable.”

~ Alexandra Gittins ~
Registered Nurse
Alberta, Canada

Lower-Cost Way I Can Help You

I’m a teacher on Insight Timer, a free app dedicated to talks, meditations, and audio courses. It’s a quiet space to hang out in and connect with teachers of like-mind, like me 🙂. 

You can access the desktop version of Insight Timer by clicking the button below. It’ll open up to my page and you can Follow me. You’ll then be notified whenever I release a new track, meditation, or course. And also whenever I go Live. That’ll give us a chance to converse. 

I recommend you download the free app for the full experience. This will enable you to ask questions, give feedback, and make suggestions about any subjects you’d like to hear me speak about.

The live event replays are not available on the app but are recorded by me and kept handy under the Resources tab on this site. 

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Insight Timer
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