Group Explorations

The ultimate advantage in a group coaching situation is shared wisdom. Group wisdom can transcend the individual and is unique to each group.

There’s an energy about a group of people coming together looking in the same direction expecting to be impacted by what they see fresh and new. It’s very individual in this way.

You have your own personal reality and there’s just no telling what will spark an insight in you and what it will be for the next person. That’s why I like to come at the same point from various directions and with various demonstrations from metaphors to drawings to props. And also have a variety of experiments to test out with each other in the group and at home.

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Have a read about how others have benefited from previous workshops and small group programs I’ve led.

This is from a Team Workshop:

“So I received so many things out of this group session with Michaela,
she truly has a beautiful soul and she poured it into each and every one of us.

Michaela was so raw and beautiful in her work she did with us, she never
held back and really showed us her true self which was an inspiration in itself.

We got to work together as a group and became closer as a result.

I would highly recommend having a session with her either in a group or
one on one as I got so much growth from so little time.”

~ Stephanie Conroy ~

“Having lived with self consciousness and a dislike of my body for most of my life, I found that the Living in your Body with Ease program helped me to take a look at the way I was thinking about my body in ways I have never explored before. Through the use of really helpful diagrams and props, Michaela pointed to new and interesting understandings that helped me reframe my thoughts around my body.”

~ Tika Bee ~
Eugene, OR USA

“I’m seeing things differently and thinking differently too.
I’m feeling more confident and comfortable with my body.
I’m even starting to dress differently. It’s who I am.”

~ Gayle Gervais Deck ~