Insight Timer Live Event Playlist

Welcome to my ‘Insight Timer Live Event‘ playlist. This mix of audio and screen-recorded long videos of these live events are from my explorations with guests and members of the free app, Insight Timer, where I teach. It’s a great place to catch me live and this is the best place to catch the replays as they’re not available on the app.

The conversations explore both the everyday and the unique twists and turns life offers. I aim to intuitively steer sensitive souls back to your true essence lending my inner wisdom and insight to help you find your way to yours.

In today’s world, it’s easy to feel lost amidst overwhelming emotions, self-doubt, relationship and body image issues. Let’s dissolve those together and heed those subtle heart whispers. Every tug, every pull, every longing – they all lead you home to your true nature. By taking inspired actions aligned with these inner desires, you craft experiences of life that resonate with your spirit and bring great satisfaction.

At the heart of my approach lie the Three Principles – a simple understanding of the universal laws that create our reality. I also draw from my experience in energy medicine and curiosities and observations in my own everyday life experiences.

Come. Be a part of this journey and rewrite your reality guided by your own infinite intelligence.