Intuitive Energy Healing

Through a unique fusion of transformative coaching and a channeled energy healing, the worlds of form and formlessness are weaved together to show you both the unseen blocks that are causing constriction in your experience of life and the resolution. 

This is a perfect demonstration of how you co-create with the universe. The Three Principles in all their glorious action. It’s a natural blend of practical and spiritual work for the best possible outcome. It opens your mind up to the unknown where inspiration is born. 

Thoughts are the creative material of the world. Thoughts become things. Your thoughts can either have you in clear flow with your true nature/universal energy creating with ease and inspiration, or they can create disruption or resistance to the flow and life will feel bumpy and hard. Resistance thinking causes tangles or blocks of energy to build up in any thought-created aspect of you – physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. 

Imagine a teething puppy. It needs to chew! It’s meant to chew. And chew, it will! If the owner is unaware of or resistant to its true nature and unique essence and denies it what it wants to chew on, chastises it, and then gives it that hard uninteresting bone to gnaw on, it will just find something else more satisfying to chew on. Can’t remove every shoe or the corners of every wall, cupboard, or piece of furniture in the house!

Result: unhappy puppy, unhappy bare-footed owner.

Notice the involvement of all the different aspects of the puppy and owner.

Three pairs of leather loafers later, the owner puts away Google and all the books and sits down with the puppy. Gets present. Gets bit. And then gets it. Goes out and buys a chewy leather toy for every room of the house.

Result: happy puppy, happy shoed owner.

In case it’s not clear, your personal overprotective and defensive mind is the owner :). Your true nature is the spirited puppy. And it’s creative, by golly! It will create.

If you deny yourself what you’d truly like to create and express in the world, you’ll find less satisfying and possibly destructive ways of soothing the pain and frustration of not doing it. This can show up as physical illness or dis-ease, avoidance, anxiety, depression, over-spending, emotional eating, addiction, abusiveness, relationship-hopping, and the list goes on. 

We begin with a coaching conversation, unwrapping what you believe about your situation, curiously exploring together. Then, with your permission and the highest intention of service to you, Source energy/infinite intelligence is channeled and, from this higher perspective, the impact of what you’ve been creating and the release of any resistance and blocks to bring you back into your true nature flow of creative energy, is observed. This is a healing journey. You will be relayed the unfolding in real-time so you are present in the transformation and can consciously understand and take part in what’s transpiring. 

A willingness to be impacted by the unknown by allowing the words and pictures to flow over you is invited. As is sitting up in a relaxed position with a journal alongside you. All sessions are virtual. Bring any challenges from physical body issues to relationship struggles, to discovering your essence or next purpose.

Have a peek at what some of my clients have shared about it.

If this work resonates, message me on Instagram. It’s evolving and I don’t yet have clear words for how it will be offered next. ❤️

“The intuitive session I had with Michaela was Magical! That’s really the only way to describe it. She put me at ease immediately and as she did her thing, she was so animated and enthusiastic. It felt like coming home.

Before I had my session with Michaela, I had been stressed about getting my coaching business off the ground. I had been forcing instead of allowing.

Since the session, I have been so much more laid back, to the point that I really haven’t worried or tried to force anything. All I keep seeing when I think of the business I’m creating is fun and enjoyment. It’s a real sense of freedom and play. I am so grateful for this because in my heart I knew this to be true, but I just felt I should keep forcing and pushing. I really don’t need to, I just need to align and allow.

Thank you Michaela 💜

~ Charlene Fursland ~

“Michaela helped me navigate through a long held belief system which had me locked in its prison. Her willingness, knowledge, intuition, guidance and encouragement moved me to seek and find all that lay underneath. Bringing the light of awareness to this negative belief system enabled the release from my psyche.

Since then, my whole world has shifted into a lighter way of being and my spiritual practice automatically has gone deeper. The patterns of behavior have disappeared, and the attraction to that which validated the negative belief has dissolved.

Her loving, kind and sensitive nature held a safe space for me to do this work towards greater freedom. Grateful.”

~ Luann Frances ~